Magazinovic: When Thousands of RS Citizens do not receive Salaries due to the Boycott, will Vucic pay them off?

Yesterday, the Chairman of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Denis Zvizdic, convened a consultative meeting to resolve the problems caused by the boycott of state institutions by politicians from the Republika Srpska (RS). On that occasion, Sasa Magazinovic spoke.

Deputies from RS did not attend the meeting in the Parliament, given that the decisions of the National Assembly require them not to participate in the work. SDP deputy Magazinovic notedthat the situation in state institutions could be normalized gradually, but that currently both the government and the opposition from RS are waiting for “the others to make a mistake”.

“It is the opposition that is waiting for Dodik to make a mistake and Dodik is waiting for the opposition to make a mistake. Both are waiting for the others to be declared traitors. That is the biggest fear that exists and the main reason they did not attend the meeting,” he said, Klix.ba writes.

Magazinovic pointed out that both of them would gladly take a step back.

“The opposition and Dodik should hug each other and return to the institutions together because neither of them will do it alone. I don’t know how much they are in the mood to hug, but that is an important aspect of this whole story,” he told.

According to the conclusions of the National Assembly, state parliamentarians and ministers can participate in the work of institutions if it is in the interest of the RS.

“When the opposition here drinks coffee with someone, it immediately means that it works for Soros, for foreigners, for Bosniaks, and in RS Dodik explains that it is in the interest of the people, RS. This is why I do not rule out the possibility of a partial blockade. Everyone is hiding behind the people and the entity so it can very easily be explained that it is in the interest of the people. But it can also be an opportunity for step by step return to institutions, which is a good thing. But here, the game is called – How to return, and not lose, ” Magazinovic explained.

Magazinovic mentioned that the blockade is the biggest problem for thousands of those working in state institutions.

“There are thousands of citizens from RS who, at the end of September, when the Decision on temporary financing expires, will not receive a salary. Whether those salaries will be paid off by the RS Government, Vucic, I don’t know, but they will have to explain to people why families cannot live from their work, ” he concluded.

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