The Manifestation “Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Igman 2014” Held

310701406amToday, on mountain Igman near Sarajevo, a central part of the manifestation “The Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Igman 2014” was organized.

It represents a manifestation which aims to bring together the surviving participants of defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the last war. In addition, the aim is to evoke memories and memories of difficult years of fighting with the aggressor, but also to point out to the importance of the heroic struggle in the important days for Igman, Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

By praying Fatiha and with a minute of silence, the fallen soldiers and all the innocent victims of the war in Bosnia were commemorated.

“Our fighters were humble, brave, dignified, moral and ready to confront the evil. For us it remains to always remember all those who died, war veterans, invalids and to remember their families as well. In addition, we need to transmit the truth of heroism of our veterans to future generations and to make efforts to lead our country in a dignified way, this same country whose foundations these brave men set” said Kozadra, the president of the Organizational board of manifestation.

The manifestation was attended by the BiH Presidency member Željko Komsić, officials of the Sarajevo Canton and the City of Sarajevo, BiH generals, commanders, soldiers, representatives of non-governmental organizations, members of the families of fallen soldiers, war veterans…


(Sourec: Fena)

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