Married Couple paid off all the Debts in Pharmacy helping People who do not have Money for Medicine


A couple from Novi Travnik, with their current address outside Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), who wished to remain anonymous, paid all the debts at the PZU Forma Pharmacy in the City of Novi Travnik.

On this occasion, journalists of Radio Sarajevo spoke with the employee and responsible person of this pharmacy, Danijel Jukic, who told them that this wonderful gesture should not remain anonymous.

“They were a married couple who were visiting their mother in their hometown, Novi Travnik. They walked into our pharmacy yesterday to pay off all our patients’ debts,” Jukic told Radiosarajevo.ba portal.

What is positive about this pharmacy is that it has never returned home a single patient who was unable to pay a medicine.

Jukic explained that so far, none of patients were returned from the pharmacy, no matter what the medication is and what the cost is. Some people do not have insurance, someone just doesn’t have enough money to buy.

“We are sensitive especially to children and the elderly. We found a solution and helped the patients, but that is why we owed a larger amount of money. Maybe people recognized it in some way,” Jukic explained.


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