Meeting of M.Kušljugić with the Ambassador of Serbia in BiH

Chairman of the Commission for Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives of BiH Parliament Mirza Kušljugić talked with the Ambassador of Serbia in BiH Ninoslav Stojadinović about the next meeting of presidents of Foreign Affairs Committee of Southeast Europe.

According to Kušljugić, main topics of the next meeting, which will be held in BiH, should be the process of cooperation concerning the European integration of BiH, Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia, as well as the expansion of cooperation of countries of Southeast Europe with countries of wider region.

He emphasized that the there is a need to start an initiative so that the Executive and the Judiciary ratify border agreements of these four countries by 2014.

During the meeting it was stressed that, in order to strengthen the different models of regional cooperation and have talks on topics of common interest, in the upcoming meetings of presidents of foreign affairs committees should talk about the intensification of cooperation which should evolve into a Benelux or Nordic model of regional cooperation.

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