Meggle is “the Best Company” and Jadranka Penava “the Best Manager” in B&H

penavaMeggle B&H is “the best company” in the dairy industry, and Jadranka Penava, director of Meggle B&H “the best manager”, according to the decision of the Agency for Selection of the Best Managers in B&H, Southeast and Central Europe.

Domestic dairy industry Meggle B&H received these two internationally verified awards for successful work and business, extraordinary company management, business expansion in the region, and excellent quality of work.

“These awards are the result of our work and commitment. Only in this year we invested 11 million BAM for expansion of production capacities. We are hiring over 200 employees, and we will end up this year with about 45 million liters of milk from domestic purchase. This means that about 125 tons of raw materials from local pastures is coming to our dairy in Bihac on a daily basis,” said Penava.

The award “the Best Manager of B&H” and “the Best Company” in the industry will be presented to Jadranka Penava on the 8th of December in Banja Luka.

To recall, Meggle B&H is the most recognizable, the most widely used, favorite and mostly purchased brand, according to research that was done by Ipsos, which was conducted among B&H citizens. In the mentioned study, respondent usually linked following attributes with the name of Meggle: quality, safety, reliability, milk, domestic product and the taste.


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