Mysterious Objects: Tunnels under the Trebevic are provoking Curiosity

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]It is well known that mysterious tunnels were built in all countries of former Yugoslavia during the era of Josip Broz Tito, which served the military to reach destinations with ammo more easily, evacuate Tito and defeat the enemy. Most of the tunnels were revealed years after his death.

However, there are tunnels on Trebevic Mountain, which are dating from the Ottoman period and there is almost nothing known about them, except that they exist there.

“The tunnels were most probably built during the Ottoman Empire. They started digging and used them for storing ice and drugs, and they probably had a chamber for meat as well. They extended tunnels by time. It was easy to dig because Trebevic is full of cavities and you can feel it while walking,” said famous mountaineer Emir Murga.

The proof for that are holes on some places, and Murga discovered one that is deeper than 300 meters from where, depending on the season, is blowing cool or warm air. Also, Trebevic was said to be an old volcano, so it is no surprise that it is full of cavities.

Austro-Hungarian soldiers took over the tunnels after the Ottomans.

“It is not known whether they have made any modifications, but it is known that the JNA, when they took over it, asphalted them. They were using them in the 1970s. For some reason, they were not good for them. Digging was stopped because they were supposed to link two parts where they were digging, but they made a mistake in the height. Also, it was said that they had a problem with water,” said Murga.

The tunnels have not been used for years and they are full of moisture. There are signatures and drawings of young people on the walls who were coming here. Besides the passages, tunnels also contain two rooms that were built, as well as pipes in the walls, which are assumed to be used for ventilation. Even though this area around has been settled, these people do not know too much about this mysterious tunnels.

“The tunnels were used during the war, but everything that was in them, the ammunition, wood, iron and other materials was taken away,” said Murga.

Some people are saying that the tunnels were used between the two world wars as a fuel storage, and that the entire Trebevic Mountain is intersected with these tunnels. Some of them are taller and a person can walk normally, while you must crawl through others. Older people say that these kinds of tunnels exist all across the country, especially in Sarajevo, and that their main purpose was to evacuate Tito in B&H, if necessary. However, there is no record on their construction.

(Source: klix.ba)

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