Members of BiH Presidency Received Member of German Bundestag

The Chairman of the BiH Presidency Nebojša Radmanović and members of the BiH Presidency Željko Komšić and Bakir Izetbegović received in Sarajevo today member of the German Bundestag Marieluise Beck and expressed their satisfaction for the overall assistance to BiH.

At the meeting they exchanged ideas on the current political situation in BiH and the future of the country. They spoke about the path of BiH towards the European Union, and of the current crisis that the EU is facing.

Member of the German Bundestag Beck thanked the members of the BiH Presidency for the reception, and said how in the German Parliament there are many friends of BiH. She said that in the Bundestag there is a group for friendship between BiH and Germany, and that the German people feel closeness to the people of BiH.

She informed the members of the BiH Presidency of the current crisis in the EU, which, according to her, requires attention in order to overcome the situation. She expressed a commitment for continued assistance to BiH, and expressed her support for BIH for its path to the EU.

Members of the BiH Presidency expressed their gratitude to Ms. Beck due to her long commitment to BiH and wished her a successful career in the future.

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