Members of SIPA at Seminar on Equality

male-female-equalityMembers of the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA), active members of the Association “Mreža žena policajaca” (Network of Female Police Officers) participated in a two-day seminar that took place from 09.05-10.05 called “Equality in Safety-be a Female Cop”, that was held in Sarajevo and tied to the implementation of a similar project.

This project was begun with the goal to implement the Action Plan of UN Resolution 1323 “Women, Peace and Security” in order to increase the representation of women in the security sector in BiH and to strengthen the association “Mreža žena policajaca“.

The association “Mreža žena policajaca“ was officially registered at the beginning of 2012 with headquarters in Sarajevo, which gathers police officials from 15 police agencies in BiH. The goal of the association is to promote gender equality and democratic principles in police work.

All the members of “Mreža žena policajaca“ were extremely motivated for further work within the network to eliminate prejudices and stereotypes of the police profession, which is mostly seen as a ‘male profession’. Special emphasis is on protecting the rights of police officers, ensuring equal status and to increase the number of women in police structures in general, and particularly in management positions.

Members of SIPA will actively participate in the coming period in the work of the association. The goal is to expand membership at the level of the Agency and wider, and for the general improvement of the integrity and status of police officials in law enforcement agencies. The Director of SIPA Goran Zubac said that he fully supports the activities of the association “Mreža žena policajaca“.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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