Memorial Tournament “Asim Ferhatovic Hase” starts

tournamentThe traditional international memorial football tournament “Asim Ferhatovic Hase”, which is played for the 23rd time in memory of one of the best players of B&H of all times, is starting on Saturday in the small hall of Skenderija.

A total of eight teams from B&H and Austria will participate on the two-day competition, which is divided into two groups.

In the A-group will play Slavia, Vienna, Celik and organizer of the tournament Vratnik, while in Group B will play city rivals Sarajevo and Zeljeznicar, as well as Sloboda and Mladost.

In the opening meeting on Saturday at 9 a.m. will be playing teams of Slavia and Celik, and then Sarajevo and Zeljeznicar in the derby tournament (at 10 am).

According to the tradition, at the end of the tournament, jury will choose the player who resembles the most to Asim Ferhatovic, then proclaim the best player of the tournament, the best scorers, goalkeeper and veteran, and hand over trophy for fair play to the most disciplined team.

Daily tickets for the event can be purchased at the sales point at Skenderija plateau, and the price will be 3 BAM.

Schedule of matches on the 23rd Memorial “Asim Ferhatovic Hase”:


Group A:

December 26:

Round 1:

9:00 am Slavija – Celik

11:00 am Vratnik – Vienna VIENNA

Round 2:

16:00 Celik – Vienna

18:00 Slavia – Vratnik


Round 3 (27 December):

9:00 Vratnik – Celik

11:00 Slavia – Vienna


Group B:

Round 1(26 December):

10:00 Sarajevo – Zeljeznicar

12:00 YouTube – Sloboda


Round 2:

5:00 pm Zeljeznicar – Sloboda

7:00 pm Sarajevo – Mladost


Round 3 (27th of December):

10:00 am – Mladost – Zeljeznicar

12:00 pm – Sarajevo – Sloboda


Finale (27th of December):


2:30 pm Vratnik – Sarajevo


3:30 pm Sarajevo – Zeljeznicar


4:30 pm Match for the 3rd place


5:30 pm Finals of the tournament



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