Message of Solidarity sent from Sarajevo to People of Iran


The Sarajevo City Hall was illuminated by colors of the Iran flag on Friday evening, sending support and solidarity from Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital to people of Iran, Klix.ba news portal reports.

The latest data released on Friday showed that Iran has recorded 19,644 cases of coronavirus infection, and that 1,433 people have died so far and 6,745 Iranians have been cured.

Information that more than 1,400 people have died as a result of a virus infection in Iran ranks this country among the hardest hit in the world.

Iran’s Deputy Health Minister Ali-Reza Raeesi has announced that the country will fight the coronavirus for six months unless the crisis is taken seriously in the next two weeks.

“The spring and Nowruz this year have an unwanted guest. A guest is working to sabotage all the liveliness and beauty of spring to the appearance and hearts of peoples. The devastating and destructive virus called the coronavirus is guest to people all over the world,” was stated in a note by ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran, H.E. Mahmoud Heidari, on the arrival of spring and the outbreak of the new coronavirus.

One of the places which have been affected the most is Iran in a way that even Nowruz festivities have also been infected. Instead of celebrating Nowruz, some families are now mourning the loss of one or more of their loved ones. Some groups, instead of making preparations for Nowruz, are busy with preparing medical supplies and treatment equipment for themselves or their loved ones.

This is while, unilateral and cruel sanctions have deprived the Iranian nation of its natural right to sufficient health and medical necessities. With the arrival of the new coronavirus to Iran and the resulting problems arising from the lack of supplies, the country is on the brink of a being a victim to a huge crime which has targeted the whole humanity and the human conscience.

On one hand, the innocent people are facing the threat of the coronavirus. On the other, cruel sanctions have impeded the arrival of aid to them. The Iranian nation has proven that it has always stood up for the oppressed people all over the world in the past five decades. Even the vast propaganda campaigns launched by enemies could not hide this fact and all those free human beings and advocates of humanity certify this.



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