Military Industry: BiH is negotiating some new Jobs in Egypt

Minister of Military Production of Egypt Mohamed el-Assar and Ambassador of BiH to Egypt Dusko Stojanovic discussed bilateral co-operation in the military and civilian sector between the two companies at the meeting that took place on Friday.

They discussed “the new perspectives that will be initiated, investments and co-operation between the military industry companies from Egypt and BiH,” as reported by Egyptian media.

They also talked about the possibilities for BiH to participate in the renovation and maintenance of machines and production lines of military industry that Egyptian companies imported from the Eastern Europe.

El-Assar presented the technical and technological capabilities of Egyptian military companies that are open for cooperation with companies from BiH in the field of military and civilian industries, in order to facilitate the exchange of experience and expertise and to further strengthen the Egyptian production.

Stojanovic expressed the readiness of BiH for cooperation through companies that are specialized for the production of military equipment.

Assar and Stojanovic noted the importance of mutual visits of technical delegations, with the aim to obtain the first-hand insights into the experience and the “know-how” of Egyptian companies.

As emphasized during the visit, the value of trade between Egypt and BiH amounted to 38.2 million EUR in the year of 2015.







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