Miners on BiH Statehood Day have no Reason to celebrate

There were no miners in the pit of the Mramor lignite mine near Tuzla this Thursday, on the Day of the Statehood of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) due to the workers’ disobedience in which they are currently. On this historic date, they pointed out that the state has let them down.

The miners in our country welcomed the BiH Statehood Day in a complex and unenviable position, in which they are fighting for better working conditions, but also to correct the injustice imposed on them by the government.

It is important to mention that they spent the past two days protesting in Sarajevo, fighting for dignity, and decided to return to Tuzla and the surrounding settlements, after they experienced cold temperatures outdoors, without their demands being met.

They continue their struggle by remaining in workers’ disobedience, without digging coal in pits and surface mines. Now, they perform only the necessary tasks related to drainage and ventilation of the pit.

“Today we have no reason to celebrate because the ruling structures of society, first of all, the Government of the Federation of BiH (FBiH), do not recognize our right to be state-building and that we want to be the initiators of everything in society with our work and commitment,” said Senad Sejdic, pit manager in the Mramor lignite mine.

They are still emotional

Sejdic spent the past two days protesting in Sarajevo. Even though he came home on Wednesday night, he is still extremely emotional, and with tears in his eyes, he thanked everyone who supported the miners in the BiH capital.

Zuhdija Tokic, the president of the Kreka Trade Union, mentioned that the workers are not against the new regulations on work and performance because they have had a norm for centuries, however, it must be adjusted to the working conditions.

“Everything that could have been devastated in the mines has been devastated since they did not react in time. People in the mines today have nothing to work with. And it is not a problem of imposing norms, but only when the right tools to work are given. They should approach miners in a different way and I am glad that the parliament will discuss the whole situation as well, ” added Tokic.


Source: Klix.ba

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