Minister Podzic: We determined how the Weapons were stolen from Pazaric

The Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Sifet Podzic, told for “N1” that it was determined how the weapon was stolen from the Pazaric training center, but he added that he could not provide any details due to the investigation.

“I repeat, we must bear the responsibility from Minister Podzic to the last ”soldier on guard”, if nothing else, at least moral kind of responsibility. There are a lot of objective problems here. The Security Commission came to us on another occasion, but we also talked about it. During that meeting, I asked why they don’t raise their hand to support registering of military property which would free our soldiers who guard that property and strengthen the guards, so that we can equip our army. We have good equipment, but everything – thermal imaging cameras, video surveillance – requires money. The Armed Forces (AF) of BiH can work inside the barracks, but others have the power to decide where it ends. When an emergency occurs in the AFBiH two proceedings needed to be done, we inform the prosecution and we have our procedures when it comes to disciplinary measures. In all cases, it happened like that. Do they ever ask themselves whether 700 BAM is enough for a soldier? Still, that should not be an alibi. Everyone who has failed in this chain has to pay. Such events spoil the image of the AFBiH and I do not accept it. I will push to the very end to find out where the chain has failed, but, on the other hand, these people are good guys and generals because of everything they do, ” said Podzic.

He expressed regret and sent his condolences to the family of soldier Rade Simic, who died the previous weekend in the Prenj mountain. He said he was a remarkable officer.

While speaking about the equipment, Podzic told they put in function three helicopters, and that two American-made helicopters should arrive in BiH this year, while the other two in the next year, Nezavisne writes.

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