Preliminary Results for Mayors of Srebrenica and Doboj announced

The Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced preliminary results for the Mayor of the City of Doboj and the Mayor of Srebrenica, which includes the results from November 15, 2020.

According to these results, the mayor of Doboj, out of a total of 106 polling stations, 96 were processed and the candidate Boris Jerinic (SNSD) won 19,148 votes or 67.44 percent. Srdjan Todorovic (SP) 4,645 votes, or 16.36 percent, and Cvijan Filipovic (SDS) 4,600 votes, or 16.20 percent. For the mayor of Srebrenica, Mladen Grujicic won 5,189 votes or 67.62 percent, Alija Tabakovic won 2,433 votes or 31.70 percent, Janjic Mile won 28 votes or 0.36 percent and Simic Aleksandar 24 votes or 0.31 percent.

The results for the city assembly and the Srebrenica municipal assembly will be announced early in the morning.

Repeat elections were held at 89 polling stations in Doboj and 28 polling stations in Srebrenica, of which 26 in Srebrenica and 2 in absentia. Voter turnout at polling stations held today was 55.43 percent in Doboj and 42.87 percent in Srebrenica.

The complete turnout, from all regular polling stations, including those held on November 15, is 53.42 percent for Doboj and 46.53 percent for Srebrenica.

The BiH CEC did not receive any complaints about violations of the election process. According to the RS Ministry of the Interior, there were no major incidents.

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