Bosniaks in Srebrenica followed the Call for Boycott of Elections, with only 166 People voting

Camil Durakovic, the representative of the “My Address: Srebrenica” Initiative, referred, after the closing of the polling stations, to yesterday’s repeated elections in Srebrenica.

Durakovic stated that the most important message of the boycott of the elections in Srebrenica was that Bosniaks in this city have unity, no matter how much someone denied it.

“To the skeptics who doubted and tried to devalue our unity and firm decision to boycott today’s irregular elections, I would like to announce that 166 out of 3000 Bosniaks on the voter list voted in Srebrenica. I don’t know for which candidate 166 Bosniaks voted today, but the fact is that is not enough for any board mandate “, Durakovic wrote in his announcement yesterday.

He said that now, they are waiting for the decision of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), after which they will know how and what to do next.

“When it comes to blackmailing, threats, payments to the socially disadvantaged people, I can proudly say – we have preserved our dignity. We have not threatened, paid off, or blackmailed anyone. I am proud that my people today chose dignity over fear, interest, and injustice. Our fight is not easy, but we will definitely continue it. Thank you all, I am proud, ” Durakovic noted yesterday.To recall, the pro-Bosnian side in Srebrenica pointed out the problems in the election process, especially when it comes to postal voting, so since they suspected that the irregularities would be repeated, they decided to boycott the elections.

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