Minister Vranic: Epidemiological Situation in Sarajevo is extremely satisfactory

The epidemiological situation caused by the coronavirus in the Sarajevo Canton is extremely satisfactory, and the vaccination process is going extremely well, said the Cantonal Minister of Health Haris Vranic.

Today, at the session, he submitted a report to the deputies of the Assembly of the Sarajevo Canton on the epidemiological situation in the Sarajevo Canton caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Vranic analyzed the epidemiological picture, especially after the introduction of epidemiological measures, and expressed satisfaction that these measures gave good results.

He said that especially in the last 15 days, there has been a constant decline in newly infected people, and thus a decline in hospital admissions as well as a decline in daily deaths.

The number of recovered has increased, and about 300 patients are being treated in hospitals. He reminded that in one period of the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, they had an extremely large number of hospitalized patients and deaths within 24 hours, which, as he said, would require additional analysis of the reasons for such high mortality, especially in intensive care units.

He emphasized that the first Sarajevo Canton in BiH started with the introduction of epidemiological directions, but that the results still show that the whole of BiH is one epidemiological area and no part of BiH should be singled out only with its epidemiological measures.

“Therefore, I responsibly claim that the Government and the Crisis Staff of Canton Sarajevo will monitor the situation on a daily basis and be ready to resist the new wave, ie the potential deterioration of the epidemiological picture,” he pointed out.

He added that in addition to the great engagement of the health sector, which bore the greatest burden and managed to save many human lives with superhuman efforts, the picture would not be so favorable if citizens, businessmen and all service activities did not show maximum responsibility, self-awareness and commitment to cooperate.

He thanked everyone for that, because, as he said, only with joint efforts can we reach the goal, and that is the normalization of the situation, a return to normal life, BHRT writes.

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