Ministry of Defense of BiH launched Investigation against Nikola Lazarevic for glorifying Ratko Mladic


The Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of Bosnia-Herzegovina have launched an investigation and disciplinary proceeding against Nikola Lazarevic, a member of the Armed Forces of BiH (AFBiH), for an inappropriate post on social networks.

“In accordance with this, and given the competencies and regulations on the behavior of AFBiH members in and out of service, adequate measures will be taken,” the Ministry of Defense of BiH stated.

The investigation was launched on the occasion of the writing of some media regarding the inappropriate posting of Lazarevic on social networks.

“The public will be timely informed on detailed information, in accordance with the above,” it is said in a statement from the BiH MoD.

The media uploaded Instagram pictures of a member of the BiH Armed Forces of inappropriate content congratulating January 9th, the unconstitutional day of the Republika Srpska, and glorifying war criminal Ratko Mladic, Federal News Agency reported.


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