Mogherini in Brussels: I came back from the Balkans full of Hope and Optimism

Federica Mogherini faktor.baThe High Representative of the EU for Foreign and Security Policy Federica Mogherini, while talking about the visit to the Western Balkan countries, noted that she returned to Brussels concerned about the situation in some countries, as well as full of optimism and hope in a better tomorrow.

“I’ve seen a lot more in the Western Balkans in these couple of days than ever before. This region is exposed to different levels of challenges and tensions. Some of them are internal, domestic, political dynamics while in some countries they are regional or inter-state tensions. This is a very dangerous situation because it will bring the region back for a couple of years, but peace should not be taken for granted,” stated Mogherini.

She emphasized that there exist excellent evidence that the achieved progress is a result of a joint commitment of the Balkan countries, however, she also expressed concern for this region.

“It is true that I am deeply and seriously concerned, but there is also the trust that comes from the fact that there is no power in the world that has such effect on the Western Balkans as the EU. I came worried about some cases, but also full of hope and optimism,” said Mogherini, adding that there is a lot of work in the Balkans, as well as that the EU has all the tools to overcome any eventual difficulties.

She noted that she is especially positive because of the enthusiasm of young people in all parts of the Balkans.

Mogherini will submit the official report to the foreign ministers of the EU member states on Thursday about her visit to the Western Balkans, as well as the prime ministers.

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