Monika Radulović as the new Miss Universe of Australia!

Monika Radulovic Miss Universe Australia pageantsnews.com

Monika Radulović was born in B&H and she is currently one of the biggest stars of fashion scene in Australia, especially after winning the Miss Universe of Australia pageant for 2015.

This girl born in Zavidovići delighted with her looks at one of the latest glamorous events in Australia.

The most frequent comments when describing her looks are those saying that Monika reveals both beauty and modesty at the same time.

The golden crown she wears was designed by Viktoria Novak.

As of recently, Monika is engaged to the artist Alesandro Ljubičić, after a romantic proposal in Paris.

In the meantime, Monika is preparing for the international finale of the Miss Universe, at which she will probably wear one of Australian national costumes.

Monika came to the Botany suburb of Sidney when she was only four years old, in 1994. Her family left everything in the war-affected Zavidovići, coming empty-handed to Australia. Monika graduated in psychology at the Western Sidney University.

(Source: klix.ba/ photo peagentsnews)

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