More Expensive Fuel in BiH as of Monday?

fuel2 (2)Petroleum derivatives, gasoline and fuel, will be more expensive on large number of gas stations in BiH from Monday next week, as confirmed from the Ministry of Trade of FBiH.

Distributors of fuel for cars requested increase of the price for 5 pfennigs, thus 10 liters of gasoline or oil will be more expensive than 0,5 BAM (almost 26 cents).

They said that their suppliers now have daily prices, instead of weekly as it was the practice before. Therefore, they are forced to request changes in prices, but given that BiH is a free market, and that the state does not regulate prices, but the competent institutions only approve them, according to producers and distributors of petroleum products.

The International Energy Agency in this month’s assessment of the market stated that the “international prices have significantly recover in recent weeks,” which is a statement filled with cautious optimism. “This, however, should not be considered as a definitive sign that the worst is behind us,” as stated in the report released on Friday.

Goldman Sachs, maybe the most influential bank in the world, has a more cautious view, according to the AP. In a message to their clients: New oil-line: Good, bad and the worst,” also on Friday, the investigative team of the bank warns that early growth can be “premature”. “”Energy needs lower prices to maintain financial stress to finish the rebalancing process; otherwise, an oil price rally will prove as self-defeating”, warned from the bank.





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