Austrian Alexander Kerschner recorded a Film about the Bosnian Pyramids

12821993_1739006913002652_1475369471_n“My father showed me a scientific article about the discovery of pyramids in BiH last spring. It was clear that I have to investigate IT,” said Austrian director Alexander Kerschner from Nussdorf while explaining what made him decide to make a film about this historically valuable discovery, which will be premiered on the 9th of April.

Alternative historian Semir “Sam” Osmanagic is the target of attacks because of his discovery, especially from Egypt.

Osmanagic, who lives between the United States and BiH, published the discovery of two pyramids and 12,000 years old system of tunnels near the Bosnian town of Visoko at a press conference in 2005.

“Although Osmanagic collected a lot of evidence with his team, he was repeatedly attacked in the media, by organizations and historians,” says Kerschner and explains the simple reason for the attacks:

“In many ways, the history should be re-written, which does not fit in the understanding of those who do not want to question the ‘reliable information’.”

Kerschner was so impressed with the discovery of the Bosnian pyramids that he decided to personally meet Osmanagic in the summer of 2015. In June last year, he went to Visoko carrying his special camera for recording “mystery at the bottom.”

“Osmanagic showed me all locations and system of tunnels that hides many surprises”, said Kerschner about his trip to Visoko.

Now, he is proudly announcing his movie Pyramids in Bosnia, which will be premiered on the 9th of April at the cinema Mank.

“The audience will find out everything about this phenomenon in the movie,” announced Kerschner.


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