Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Hidden Treasures: Sutjeska National Park and Visoko Pyramids


Bosnia-Herzegovina is a very mountainous country, with over 80% covered by some sort of hilly terrain. This has not only let to the protection of wildlife and natural beauty, but also to certain cultural isolation which has led to Bosnia’s unique historical path. Sutjeska National Park may be the crown jewel of BiH’s wilderness. Sitting on 43,000 acres of space, the park boasts some of the country’s highest peak, including Maglic mountain (7,828 ft).

The nature reserve Perucica, is one of the last two primeval forests in Europe. In addition, the park is also famous for the site of the 1943 World War II battle, with some amazing monuments unique to the Yugoslav period. The park is worth visiting for several reasons, including outdoor activities such as hiking, but mainly for the spectacular views and natural beauty, which is slowly disappearing in many places in Europe.


The Town of Travnik and Visoko Pyramids


visokoLocated in the heart of the country, roughly 60 miles west of the modern capital of Sarajevo, Travnik is an ancient town was once the seat of power in the country from 1699 to 1850. The city is an example of classic Ottoman as well as Austrian architecture, with numerous historical monuments and museums present. The “old town,” sector is worth exploring and makes for great shopping, including unique jewelry shops with handmade goods, which is somewhat rare nowadays. In addition, many Bosnians claim that the best Cevapi (BiH’s unofficial street food), do not come from Sarajevo, but rather from Travnik, which uses its own method of preparation.

Nearby Visoko, however, is famous for something else. In the mid 2000s, a Bosnian archeologist claimed that the surrounding hills are in fact not hills at all, but man-made structures or pyramids. With excavation starting in 2006, a small portion has been uncovered, and even though some ancient and mysterious structures were uncovered, it remains uncertain whether they are pyramids or something different altogether. Explore the area yourself, take part in a dig, and be the judge!



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