How much Money the FBiH allocated for Subsidies to Agriculture?

ZDC agricultureThe Government of the FBiH adopted the Decision on the adoption of the Program of expenditure with allocation criteria “Subsidy to private enterprises and entrepreneurs – an incentive for agriculture” at yesterday’s session in Sarajevo, which was established by the Budget of the FBiH for 2017 to the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry in the amount of 65,700,000 BAM.

Of that, on incentives for crop production goes 10.4 million BAM, on livestock 52,200,000 BAM, on the model of capital investment 2.300.000 BAM, while 300,000 BAM were planned for all the other types of support, and 500,000 BAM for court judgments and appeals on decisions.

Within the Program of Financial Support in Agriculture and Rural Development for 2017 will be realized priority measures of financial support based on the model of incentives and production part of structural policy measures that should contribute to the improvement of agricultural production and increase the volume of use of agricultural land in order to strengthen competitiveness in the domestic and foreign market.

Moreover, these measures are aimed at increasing the offer of domestic agricultural products, while improving the quality of their health and hygiene validity that are in accordance with the requirements of their consumers, as well as ensuring stable agricultural income and providing adequate living standards for agricultural producers. Finally, these measures should contribute to a gradual compliance and integration of the agricultural sector in the EU and global market.

With this program is included the financing of the implementation of measures in order to prevent spreading and eradication of infectious diseases.

(Source: klix.ba)

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