Municipality Milići Begins with Investments Worth Around 3 Million KM

Municipality Milići plans to invest around 2.950.00 million KM in the realization of infrastructure projects, construction and equipping of public facilities and institutions, as well as the construction of several planning documents that are crucial to this community, stated in this years investment plan that was adopted by the local parliament today.

The project manager in Milići, Marko Savić, said that the plan for this years investment is primarily based on the projects that were planned, but were not realized last year. ‘’The figure looks too big for our chances, but the community has committed itself to financing these projects. The total planned participation of this municipality in the projects is around 485,000 KM, and the rest is coming from donor funds and other investors”, said Savić.

The most amounts of funds for this year will be invested in road infrastructure, around 1.365.000, which is 24 percent less than investments from last year. It is planned that 450.000 KM will be invested in planning of neighborhoods, 407.000 KM in equipping public institutions, 320.000 in construction of public facilities, 184.000 KM in planning documents, 131.000 KM in constructing and repairing bridges, and around 90.000 KM in construction of water supply and sewage lines.

From the larger investment enterprises from last year, a project to build a firehouse was started, whose finance is supported by the Japanese government, as well as the equipment for the milićki Utility Company. The Swedish Development Agency SIDA supports projects in solid waste management. With this, it is expected that the UNDP, departments within entities and state level BiH ministries will financially support the planned investments.

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