Museum of War Childhood to open in Sarajevo soon?

Museum of War Childhood radiosarajevo.baThe Museum of War Childhood is to be opened in Sarajevo in May 2016. This is the continuation of the project within which the book “Djetinjstvo u ratu” (“Childhood in War”) was published in 2013.

The initiator of the founding of the Museum of War Sarajevo is the Association Urban and its founder Jasminko Halilovic, who launched the project Childhood in War back in 2010. The namesake book which brings personal experiences and testimonies of people who grew up during war was published in 2013, and the Museum of War Childhood is the continuation of that project.

“While working on the book I’ve met a lot of people who spent their childhood in war and to whom it meant a lot to speak of what they have experienced, which was an opportunity they didn’t have before. People brought me the most unbelievable things that they were keeping in their cellars or under the beds, and that is when an idea was born in my head to preserve those things somewhere, one day”, said Jasminko Halilovic.

The collection of the Museum of War Childhood will be formed by the Association Urban, while its construction will be funded primarily by private investments. This museum will be a completely self-sustaining institution, and it will employ a dozen of young people.


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