Nadja Halilbegovic from Sarajevo as Winner of the Recognition of Butler University

Nadja HalilbegovicThe former president Bobby Fong and nine former students of the Butler University will get recognition for outstanding achievements, services to the university and the university community, on 25th September within the Alumni Awards Recognition program. At the First of this year’s award winners is one Bosnian Nadja Halilbegovic as well.

Hilton Ultimus Brown Alumni Achievement Award is a recognition that will be awarded to Nadja for her fifteen-year work and a great contribution to the profession and the community.

Nadja Halilbegovic was only 12 years old when the war in B&H started. In her hometown, Sarajevo, she survived the most dramatic moments of her life. During the war, she read poetry and parts of her war diary on the former National radio. She had  her radio section named “Music box“.

As 14 years old she published the first part of her war diary under the name “Sarajevo childhood wounded with war“. Dutch television made a documentary about her life.

In August 1995 she went to America, and in 19977 she won the full scholarship from the Butler University in Indianapolis where she was awarded with the “Woman of Distinction Award”.

Today, Nadja is an excellent interpreter, guitarist, poet, singer, songwriter, one of the best orators at the North American continent and one of the most prominent worked activists in the fight for peace and rights of children.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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