National Kitchen received a Grant of 40,000 BAM on the 25th Anniversary

SOUP KITCHENA delegation of the Municipality of Stari Grad visited Soup Kitchen Stari Grad on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of this institution. On this occasion, director of the Soup Kitchen Aunt Zilha received the regular annual grant for the work of Soup Kitchen, in the amount of 40,000 BAM.

Mayor of the Municipality of Stari Grad Ibrahim Hadzibajric and Chairman of the Municipal Council Jusuf Pusina gave meals to the first beneficiaries of the Soup Kitchen this morning. The delegation, besides the Mayor and the Chairman, included Deputy Chairman Irfan Cengic and Sanel Dragolovcanin, Assistant of Mayor Senad Music and their associates.

Aunt Zilha noted that this is a very emotional day for them when they are remembering all those who are no longer with them, and who gave a great contribution to the work of this institution in the difficult times of war.

“Soup kitchen, unfortunately, still has many users, around 400 of them at the moment, but it is a great luck that there is always enough food in stock. Our doors are now open for all people, regardless of whether they are registered users or not,” said Aunt Zilha.

“The Soup Kitchen and Aunt Zilha saved many people from starvation and on this occasion, I want to thank for the great contribution and selfless dedication to her and the staff. I want to thank her for all these years that she worked, endured and helped people in need,” said Hadzibajric. He added that we should work on reducing the number of soup kitchens and their users in the future.

“Our municipalities, as well as all the other ones in BiH, must work on reducing the number of soup kitchens. That would be an indication that the people started living better, that they started working and living from the fruits of their labor,” said Hadzibajric.

Twenty-five years ago, on the 27th of March 1992, the Soup Kitchen Stari Grad started with its work. From that date, this day is marked as the Day of this Soup Kitchen.

(Source: klix.ba)

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