NATO Secretary General Will Visit BiH

The General Secretary of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen will make an official visit to BiH on 7th and 8th February.

The Spokesperson of NATO headquarters in Sarajevo, Ines Kuburović, said that the details of all the meetings are still being discussed and will be made available in the next several days.

It was confirmed to ‘’Nezavisne Novine’’ that Rasmussen will meet with members of the BiH Presidency on 7th February, and this daily newspaper says that the scheduled meetings with Chair of the BiH Council of Ministers and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and will ask for a meeting with leaders of the ruling six.

According to ‘’Nezavisne Novine’’, the main topic of the meeting will the question of the urgency to solve the problem of the posting of military property, such as in BiH’s engagement in Afghanistan.

As a guest for ‘’Dnevnik TV1”, the Commander of the NATO headquarters in Sarajevo, Brigadier General Walter T. Lord said that General Secretary Rasmussen’s visit to NATO countries and partner countries is a routine visit.

‘’The General Secretary has for several months already planned to visit BiH, and this is a good time for a visit’’, said Lord.

He said that the posting of perspective military assets is the only condition for the activation of MUP.

Lord also commented on the benefits of NATO membership.

‘’As long as BiH is not a member, its citizens will not receive a guarantee of security and stability that comes with NATO membership. The military-political security generates economic stability, which is caused by foreign investment. The future prosperity of BiH will not materialize if this country does not active MUP and becomes a member of NATO’’, said Lord, among other things, for TV1.

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