Negotiations on BiH Workers Who Lost their Jobs in Croatia During the Conflict

The BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs send a letter to the BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs, Justice and Human Rights and Refugees, and interested parties and asked for them to immediately provide the names of the delegation on behalf of their ministries for negotiations at an expert level with representatives from Croatia regarding the issue of labor law and social status of BiH citizens who were employed in Croatia and lost their jobs from 1991-1995.

The Head of the Office of Public Relations of the BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nebojša Regoje said to FENA that after receiving replies from the relevant institutions of the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Zlatko Lagumdžija a decision will be made on naming a delegation.

According to Regoje, keeping in mind that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH is one of the participants in the negotiations and that all of the relevant ministries are responsible for certain activities on the issue of solving the problem of BiH workers from Croatia, the delegation would take a common stance before the negotiations begin on the issue and agree on suggestions for a solution.

At the special session of the BiH Council of Ministers on 7 February, they dedicated it to the implications Croatia’s EU accession would have on BiH. The BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs reported that it had already taken the necessary steps and initiated the proceedings to resolve the labor law and social status of BiH workers who were employed in Croatia and lost their jobs from 1991-1995.

“The deadline, duration and time of the completion of the negotiations cannot be determined in advance. That would depend on the intensity of the negotiations that do not depend solely on our delegation. The MVPBiH will immediately after the formation of the delegation take measures from the domain of their competence and contact the Croatian delegation to agree on technical issues of the time and place for the beginning of negotiations’’, said the Head of the Office for Public Relations of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Counselor to the Ministry Nebojša Regoje.

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