“Neko je ubio Laru” in the performance by the theater group from Novi Pazar

Theater ensemble from Novi Pazar ”Joj, evo ih ovi” performed at the Multimedia Center in Ilidža.   The theater ensemble performed their drama called ” Neko je ubio Laru”, an authorial piece by Enes Sijarić.

The audience was thrilled by the performance of the theater ensemble from Novi Pazar, which consists of 25 actors, all participating in the aforementioned theater piece.

Their drama is characterized as something new and different present in the field of theater amateurism in the region.
“We are more than satisfied with our performance, as well as with the reaction of the audience. Sarajevo is a beautiful city as well as Ilidža is a great place, and we do hope to get the opportunity to perform here again.” – said Enes Sijarić, the author of the drama and the leader of the theater group from Novi Pazar.



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