Netflix to be available in B&H soon with a Free First Month of Use

netflixDirector of the company Netflix Reed Hastings announced today that the services of his company will be available in 130 new countries, including B&H. The first month of use will be free of charge.

Netflix is the leading Internet television network in the world that broadcasts the best movies, series, documentaries and cartoons, but it has been available only in North and South America, the Caribbean and some parts of Europe so far.

Now, they are opening new markets such as India, South Korea and Russia. This will be a huge step forward for Netflix, which had limited space for operation so far.

“We are witnessing the birth of a new global Internet TV network today. From now on, people from all around the world will be able to enjoy the best movies, TV series or documentaries at the same time. With the help of internet, we are transferring power into the hands of consumers, who will be able to watch our programs anytime, anywhere and on any device,” said Hastings.

Netflix will not be available in Crimea, North Korea and Syria. The company also announced the original content in 2016. Creation of 31 new content was announced along with the broadcasting of the existing series, about twenty feature films and documentaries, a wide range of stand-up comedies and original children’s series.

Besides the existing 17 languages which Netflix is supporting, they introduced Arabic, Korean and Chinese. One of the biggest benefits of Netflix is that the program you are watching, you can pause whenever you want and without any commercials to interrupt.

You can find the list of countries in which Netflix will be available HERE.


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