New Success of the domestic Dairy Production Meggle

meggleListening to the needs of the market, Meggle BiH brings a new product on our tables. A fresh and nutritious Meggle Ayran is a combination of original recipe and domestic raw materials. Experts of Meggle dairy in Bihac have been working on the recipe of the product for months, in order to get the new delicacy to their loyal customers.

“Our team was working on the production of Ayran with great care and commitment, which is traditionally produced for more than 2000 years. We did not want to launch a product until we managed to make Ayran with the original recipe. Although this type of drink is not typical for our area, its consumption is increasing. We spent a lot of time exploring other cultures, and their method of preparation of this beverage,” stated Meggle team, and added: “After a lot of testing, we are proud to offer original Ayran, domestic product, for which we believe that it will quickly find its way to the homes of our customers”.

Except Turkey, where it is considered as the national drink, Ayran can also be found in Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Greece, and it is also popular throughout the Middle East.

Ayran is a refreshing drink that is made by combining yogurt, cold water and salt. Due to its primary base of yoghurt, Ayran has many positive effects. The biggest blessing of this refreshing drink is that it effectively helps with dehydration. Especially on hot summer days when our need for fluid consumption is increased.

Ayran helps with various digestive problems, as well as in case of disturbed intestinal micro flora. It is a great source of proteins, minerals and vitamins. And those who cannot tolerate milk or cannot digest milk sugar lactose, can enjoy in Ayran without any problems.

You can already find packaging of 1L on the shelves of shops, and practical packaging in a cup of 180 gr was announced as well.



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