New Video Spot of Group “Grafit”

NOVI SPOT GRUPE "GRAFIT"“Grafit” group has a new video spot for the song “Tamo drugi je grad”.

This is the third official single of the group from the album “Ploča”, after adaptions of the songs „Hodaj“,“Jutro“,“Sloboda“ and „Istanbulsko proljeće“, a total of fifth video spots.

The official promotion of the video spot “Tamo drugi je grad” and the concert of “Grafit” will be held on 21 June, at 21:00, at “The Pub” in Sarajevo, (street Envera Šehovića 15-Dolac- Malta). The admission is free of charge.

“Concert of “Grafit” is actually an excellent introduction to the game that our team plays against Nigeria when together with thousands of ćevapi, gifts from Zmaj will cheer for “Dragons”. Everyone is invited to come and to have a good time. The music will start  at 21:00″, said the spokesperson of the band Bakir Hadžiomerović.

(Source: Fena)

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