”Nikola Tesla” Company is launching textile production in Herzegovina

Public company ”Nikola Tesla” from Banja Luka, whose founder is RS Government, by buying real estates of textile companies ”Bilećanka”, ”Novoteks” and ”Ljubinjka” confirmed that in the area of East Herzegovina, they’ll launch a textile production, and hire 2000 workers.

Old building of ”Nonoteks” which went bankrupt, was sold for 400 000 BAM, while the section of ”Ljubinjka” from Ljubinje was sold for 245 000 BAM, provided that within eight days as creditors Tax Administration and Disability Fund provide written consent.

Acting manager of  ”Nikola Tesla” Dragan Vučetić announced that the adaptation of damaged and dilapidated buildings will start soon, and that the investment in the construction will be large.

” Investment in these buildings will be much greater than the current price of these buildings” said Vučetić.

He noted that the hiring of 2000 workers is going according to schedule and according to the agreement with German partners.


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