Number of Users of Public Kitchens in Banja Luka not dropping

12714049_1105853582798930_439579160_nThat the theory of ruling structures in Republika Srpska of progress in this entity opposes the real social picture is evidenced by the fact that the number of users of public kitchens in Banja Luka is not decreasing. Moreover, the number of citizens who need a free meal increases day by day.

The Red Cross organization of Banja Luka has around 450 users, mostly elderly and ill people whose pensions are not sufficient for them to provide a quality meal for themselves.

Among the users are also people of middle age and people from large families who are have been unemployed for years so they really need help. The Red Cross of Banja Luka is in coordination with the Social Services, who forward them the requests submitted by people who have a need to use the public kitchen.

The number of requests increases day by day and there are dozens of socially endangered citizens who are waiting in the line for months in order to obtain the status of user of this public kitchen. One part of the funds is provided from the city budget and donations also come from humane people who are able to give donations for the survival of this public kitchen. However, staff of the Red Cross claims that the city authorities could help a lot more and that means allocated for public kitchens should be far larger.

There are several more public kitchens in Banja Luka that provide one meal per day to the impoverished citizens. There is also the humanitarian organization of the Islamic Community Banja Luka, Merhamet. They share around 170 meals every day and deliver food to the homes of nearly fifty disabled users.

In the center of Banja Luka is also the public kitchen of the Sisters of Charity of Mother Teresa, located in Gundulića Street. They prepare food for some 80 users every day. This public kitchen has various donors whom they find themselves. According to the Sister Alodena, that is their life mission – to help the unfortunate, diseased and impoverished.

(Source: klix.ba)

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