One of the biggest Stars, Sting, to hold a Concert in Sarajevo!

One of the biggest music stars of today, Sting, will hold a concert for the first time in Sarajevo, on March 19, 2022 at 8 pm in Zetra!

The largest regional independent promoter, the production of “Avalon” brings Sting from “My Songs Tour”, which, after the concert of the Irish group “U2” in 1997, is the only arrival of pop-rock performers from the world A-list in Sarajevo to date.

Tickets are on sale in limited numbers from Friday, November 12, from 9 am via the service.

Sting also brings its complete production, sound, light and video to Sarajevo, which guarantees complete enjoyment at the world level at this concert!

“We are especially excited before this musical spectacle because after more than a hundred organized concerts in the past 15 years, the biggest musical names of today in Skopje, Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Sofia, Bucharest, the arrival of Sting is our first concert in Sarajevo!” said Boban Milošeski from the production “Avalon”.

The concert will be open to anyone who shows proof of vaccination or proof of having corona in the last six months, and testing will be provided in front of the hall.

For the Sarajevo concert of Sting, audiences from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the entire region will have the opportunity to buy tickets at the cheapest price on the entire European tour:
• ground floor 69 BAM
• fan-pit (only 1500 tickets) 99 BAM and
• grandstands 99 BAM

The concert will last two hours and will consist of Sting’s biggest hits (Every Breath You Take, Message In A Bottle, Englishman in New York, Fragile, Shape Of My Heart, Desert Rose), but it will also be a promotion of the new album “The Bridge”. which comes out on November 19 and has already been announced with the successful radio hit single “Rushing Water”.

As a special guest, the concert will open with a 45-minute performance by Joe Sumner with his band.

Sting’s arrival in Sarajevo is certainly one of the most beautiful and positive news in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of public life for the last two decades, so don’t miss the 21st century music event in Sarajevo, don’t miss Sting in Sarajevo’s Zetra on March 19 at 8 pm!

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