Opening of Eco-Village Grabovica on 8 June

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe opening of one part of the Eco-Village Grabovica d.o.o., located on the northern shore of Lake Buško, which is being built continuously for a decade, is anticipated on 8 June 2013, was confirmed by the head of alliances and organic production in the Eco-Village Grgo Šarić.

A part of this eco-village is based on the organization of cooperation and food production based on organic farming. It is a consensual form of cooperation, based on agreement or contract on the joint production of vegetables and grains.

“To put it simply, we are concluding contracts by which we assist them with the purchase of equipment and ensuring the purchase of their production. The first action that we started is the procurement of greenhouses and at the same time the eco-village accounts for 50 percent of the cost, and a subcontractor will return a part of the investment to producers of vegetables’’, said Šarić.

According to him, this type of business cooperation is something new in this area, but despite that, they have already signed dozens of contracts for greenhouse production and a similar deal for the production of various plant species native to this area.

“In talks is the contract for animal production, where we have already bought four sheep and lambs and put them in a system of cooperation. The contractor in this case is obligated in a period of 3 years to deliver two lambs and sheep that will become his property’’, said Šarić.

In addition to the positive things, Šarić spoke of the problems that are a part of the jobs.

“Even if all winter there was snow and rain, these are the conditions in the field, and after sowing and planting we have to carry out irrigation. This significantly raises our production, but we hope and intend to expand production’’, added Šarić.

In terms of cost-effectiveness of buying the finished vegetables from wholesalers Šarić corresponds for the financial expenses to be favorable, but they want to be certain in the quality of the vegetables and meat that will serve guests and tourists.

“Our plan is to register the entire production as organic farming. A part of the application is already done, and we are waiting for the completion of all seeding works, and we plan to complete all other parts’’, said Šarić.


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