OSCE reopened the Office in Srebrenica

The Mission of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe has reopened its office in Srebrenica, after it was transferred from Srebrenica to Bratunac eight years ago.

Head of the Mission of OSCE in Bosnia and Herzegovina Fletcher Burton explained that the relocation of the office of this international organization to Srebrenica has a multiple effect.

“The Mission of OSCE in B&H has 14 offices.  There are several reasons for the relocation of the office from Bratunac to Srebrenica. The main reason is that we want to follow the development of Srebrenica in the next period and to be close to municipality officials who are involved in the decision making process.”- said Burton.

The international organizations that had their offices in Srebrenica were relocated to Bratunac due to better communication and location. Their return to Srebrenica justifies that this city, after the 1995 genocide, today has all conditions for the operation of international institutions.

The Deputy Chief of the Municipality of Srebrenica Ćamil Duraković says that he is satisfied with the return of OSCE and he expressed his hopes of better cooperation between this municipality and the international mission.

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