PA of FB&H: Amendments to the Law on Civil Service adopted

parliament2The House of Representatives of the Parliament of FB&H adopted the Proposal on the Law on Amendments to the Law on Civil Service in the FB&H.

Proposal on the Law on Amendments to the Law on Civil Service in the FB&H was supported by the representatives of the SDA, HDZ, SBB, A-SDA and the BPS. The law was supported by 59 deputies, 22 deputies were against, and there were no abstentions.

A total of 40 amendments was proposed for this law, but the Government of FB&H has rejected all of them.

“This is an extremely important law, a law that the government started very brave. This law is truly a reform and it came at the right time. The main goal is to make changes in public administration, to shake it, rationalize it and make it more efficient,” said the Head of the Club of HDZ Jozo Bagaric.

Prime Minister of FB&H Fadil Novalic shared the same opinion in his address to the attendees.

“I am convinced that all laws will provoke reactions, as well as some other changes. We have to rearrange our society. If it was good then we would not have to, but we all know it is not. These changes are necessary to improve the situation. Until now, it was the Labour Law, now it is this law, and later on it will be the Law on the forests which I am also sure that will cause turbulences,” said Novalic.

(Source: klix.ba)


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