Pay Tolls at eight Tram Stations soon?

Pay Tolls at Tram Stations fpdwl.atKJKP Gras plans to build pay tolls like those in Ilidža and Stup at eight more tram stations. Tender for equipment purchase and construction works is expected to be published very soon, and the construction would start next year. This was confirmed by Avdo Vatrić, the Director of Gras, who said that the tolls will be built at stations where dimensions and appearance allow it.

This is a project of controlled charge of passengers at tram stations. Currently eight stations are included for which the Ministry of Transportation of the Sarajevo Canton provided 360,000 BAM from the budget. Tripods, i.e. tolls, will be placed on Otoka station towards Ilidža, on both Dolac-Malta stations, Socijalno and Pofalići, and the station near the Technical School towards Ilidža. Firstly, it would be worked on the Otoka station, since the inflow of passengers is the highest there. The construction works will begin when the tender is carried out and the contractor is chosen, and since the end of the year is close, most probably it will be transferred to the upcoming year,” Vatrić explained and added that except eight pay tolls, video cameras and canopies would be built as well.

According to Vatrić, everybody wins with this project – both Gras and the passengers. What Gras aims at is to increase the payment of services and decrease the number of passengers who are trying to ride use trams without adequate tram ticket.

This way the passengers would have to have a ticket, because otherwise they would not be able to enter the station and vehicle. In return, the passengers would get security, because the stations would be covered with video surveillance, incidents would be prevented, and jams when entering and exiting the vehicles would be reduced. In Gras, we are hoping for significant financial income, which currently cannot be accomplished since the passengers avoid buying tickets,” Vatrić pointed out.

(Source: sa-c.net)

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