Pensions in FBiH to be increased by 3.2 Percent?

The Government of the Federation of BiH will, as announced from the FBiH Prime Minister’s Office, consider the Proposal of Decision on increasing the minimum pension by 3.2 percent.

The proposed decision was included on the agenda after the FBiH Pension and Disability Insurance Institute on January 8 this year submitted a final review of the financial balance, stating that the current situation is very favorable, with pronounced positive trends.

The decision will be brought at the emergency session on Friday in Sarajevo, and or the implementation of this decision, which comes into force on the day of its adoption and its publication in the Official Gazette of FBiH, the Government will put in charge the FBiH Institute for Pension and Disability Insurance.

According to the presented financial situation within the FBiH Institute and the estimated amount of funds needed to increase the minimum pensions by 3.2 percent, and bearing in mind the growth of GDP, it was concluded that there is a realistic basis for the increase.


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