Perfect Conditions for skiing and great Atmosphere on Bjelasnica and Igman

Snowfall and well-prepared trails in the Olympic Centers Bjelasnica and Igman have created ideal conditions for enjoying winter sports at the Olympic beauties near Sarajevo. Numerous skiers who decided to spend a sunny December Sunday on Bjelasnica and Igman speak in favor of that.

Olympic Center Bjelasnica was the first in the region to open the ski season, and the fact that it is returning to the map of important ski destinations in our region and beyond is confirmed by a large number of visitors from neighboring countries.

Now, there is a six-seater on Bjelasnica, as well as lifts “K1”, “BY” and “Heliodrom”, while on Igman, a two-seater and a baby lift are in operation from Sunday. Also, night skiing is available on Bjelasnica during December on Thursdays, Fridays,and Saturdays from 6.30 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

The final works on the construction of a double “BX” lift are underway, which will enable an increase in capacity from 600 to 2.250 skiers per hour. ZOI & # 39; 84 announced that they put into test the new installation of the “BX” lift on Sunday and that skiers will soon be able to enjoy a new skiing experience.

To recall, the necessary permits for the construction of the “BX” lift arrived in October this year. The management of ZOI’84 took the risk and together with Doppelmayr, the world’s most famouslift manufacturer started building the “BX” cable car with the desire to offer skiers better skiing conditions this season.

“As a long-time skier, I fully understand the needs of our customers. Investments in the double “BX” lift will improve the current conditions, but the real change can be seen only by connecting Bjelasnica and Igman, and the construction of 5 new lifts and gondolas, as well as trails. A difficult road is ahead of us but we are ready for it, ” stated Jasmin Mehic, director of ZOI’84.

ZOI’84 continues to grant a 30% discount on full-day, half-day tickets, and night skiing tickets until today.



Source: BHRT

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