Philanthropist who has been selflessly helping Young Mothers, Belma Soljanin, died of Coronavirus

A 37-year-old Belma Soljanin, director of the Institute for Mother and Child, a philanthropist who has been selflessly helping young mothers and pregnant women to understand the role of parenthood more easily and successfully, has died in  Podhrastovi ward in Sarajevo.

Soljanin, who was infected with the coronavirus, gave birth three days ago at the Clinical Centre University Sarajevo Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic and gave birth to a healthy boy who is negative for the virus.

According to the KCUS, Belma was admitted to the isolation ward in Podhrastovi in the 35th week of pregnancy, where she had bilateral pneumonia and a serious clinical picture.

She was treated and doctors let the pregnancy develop to the baby’s minimum maturity.

Then they had to perform the birth, by caesarean section, so as not to lose the baby.

This was done three days ago at GAK, after which the young woman was returned to the isolation ward, while the baby remained at the clinic on Jezero.

Numerous friends said goodbye to Belma on social networks.

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