Planning Skiing? Find out Ski Passes Prices

JahorinaThe action sales of ski passes on Jahorina will start on 20th September and will last until 20th October.

Seasonal ski passes with photography for adults, can be bought for 470 BAM and for children for 275 BAM.

10 days from the season, ski pass will cost 255 BAM for adults and 160 BAM for children, while 30 hours in the season, it will cost 162 BAM for adults and 115 BAM for children.

The daily ski pass in the season will cost 39 BAM on the days of weekend, and on working days 34 BAM, while four hours of skiing costs from 30 BAM, and two hours 23 BAM.

In the pre-season period until 20th December and the post-season period from 7th March 2016, prices of the ski passes will be lower from 35 to 40% for certain types of passes, as announced from the Olympic Center Jahorina.


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