Will the Fines improve the Work Efficiency in the Parliament B&H

delegates of the parliamentary assembly of B&HProvisions of this code will define the way of dressing. It will be forbidden for delegates to insult each other during the sessions. Also, the prohibition of reading newspaper, using computers and phones, and talk among delegates, will be introduced if such behavior interrupts the session.

These are just a few provisions that regulate the rules of conduct of parliamentarians, as well as on other events they are attending in the name of the Parliamentary Assembly of B&H. What is the most important news in this code proposal are penalty measures as well as two instances while making decisions.

Namely, the text provided the imposition of sanction for non-compliance with the code and so written warnings for smaller offenses, and fines or the publication of the offense and the offender in media for more serious offenses. Provided fines can be 10% of the total monthly income (salary +flat rate) for members of the Parliamentary Assembly of B&H who have a status of the professional delegate, i.e. 70% of the flat rate for parliamentarians who don’t have a professional status in the Parliamentary Assembly of B&H.

“Two instances in making decisions mean that the Commission for human rights will decide about the fine, and collegiums of both parliamentary homes will decide on appeals to brought decisions. Written warnings will be imposed to delegates whose applications show to be ill-founded, Then, they i is not acceptable to come to the session of the Parliament in jeans. According to his words, the novelty will be the involvement of the non-governmental sector and the public. Code will define applications for an inappropriate behavior to be submitted by members of non-governmental organizations, as well as media, if they notice that some delegates are violating the provisions of the Code“, said the chairman of the Commission for human rights, Borislav Bojic.

That practically means that f some of journalists or representatives of non-governmental sector, who are attending the session, notice some delegate while reading newspapers, watching inappropriate content on the computer, or even sleeping, he will be able to report him/her to the Commission for human rights and to expect the negligent member of the Parliament to be punished.

“For now, this code was met with the approval among members of the Parliament. It is good that there is a document that regulates the behavior, However, all of us have to be aware that we have to respect each other and that elected officials have to behave appropriately“, said the chairman of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of B&H, Borjana Kristo.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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