Play ‘Just as long there’s no shelling’ this Sunday

puca2On 16 June, Thursday, citizens of Sarajevo will have the opportunity to once again see the play ‘Just as long there’s no shelling’ (Samo nek ne puca) which will be shown in Sarajevo Youth Theatre at 11 a.m.

The play “Just As Long As There’s No Shelling” does not speak about the war. The play discusses an even more painful phenomenon in BiH society: peace, which, which is, due to historical reasons, known here as the postwar era.

“Just As Long As There’s No Shooting” is accurately precise metaphor of BiH society: our castle, our peace, economic prosperity and social justice, are all farther and farther away as we live on after the war. And so, society, always inclined to fatalism, just modestly sighs and concludes: Shhh, don’t complain, just as long as there’s no shelling!

Cast of the play Alen Muratović, Džana Pinjo, Ajla Cabrera, Sanin Milavić, Mirza Dervišević, Adnan Goro i Edhem Husić. Art direction by Tanja and Stjepan Roš, costumes by Lejla Hodžić, choreography by Mark Boldin, and music by Audio InFunktion.


(photo: pozoristemladih)

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