Police still searching for the Migrant who wounded the Boy, Citizens announced a Protest

The Interior Minister of the Una-Sana Canton (USC), Nermin Kljajic, confirmed that they are intensively searching for the person who wounded an eight-year-old boy from Iraq in the recent conflict of migrants in Velika Kladusa. Meanwhile, the citizens of Velika Kladusa are announcing a protest.

“There are certain indications and findings of who that person is, so we are intensively searching for him. He is a migrant, however, our job is difficult because those who manage the Temporary Reception Center “Miral” in Velika Kladusa allow almost uncontrolled movement of all users of this facility. The lack of certain “house rules” or movement control is one of the reasons for violating the security situation, more precisely it allows migrants to easier come into contact with suspicious individuals, from whom we presume they procured firearms,” Minister Kljajic stated.

According to police data, more than four thousand migrants and refugees are currently residing in USC.

“Around two thousand people were accepted in the current four reception centers in the area of Bihac, Cazin, and Velika Kladusa, and according to our findings, we probably have the same number of people in public areas and abandoned buildings. The biggest security challenge apart from these people who are in uncontrolled accommodation is the Temporary Reception Center “Miral” in Velika Kladusa. That is why we decided to control the center more strictly, ie we are going in the direction of banning further admissions and its gradual closure. Of course, we are asking for help from the competent state institutions in this regard, in order to determine the location outside our canton, to which these people could possibly be moved, ” the USC Minister of Interior added.

It was also stressed that the Cantonal Ministry of Justice will raise the issue of criminal responsibility of the titular for the building of the Retirement Home and the former “Krajinametal” facility in the center of Bihac in the next seven days.

“For almost two years now, we have been asking for their engagement, more precisely securing and supervising of these unfinished and abandoned facilities, which represent security and health-epidemiological problem due to a large number of migrants. That is why we ordered the issue of criminal responsibility for the users of these facilities, ” said the Prime Minister of UCS, Mustafa Ruznic.

It was also mentioned yesterday that the protests of the citizens in Velika Kladusa were announced for last night on the social networks due to the violated security situation, however, that was not officially reported to the USC Police Administration, thus there was no information about the formal organizer. At yesterday’s meeting of the Operational Group for the Situation with Migrants and Refugees, it was confirmed that in any case, strong police forces will be engaged in the field, to prevent possible further offenses of public order and peace, Klix.ba writes.


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