Popular YouTubers sent Important Messages to Children in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Popular YouTubers Braco Gajic and Adnan Ceric CeriX briefly took to UNICEF’s Instagram profile on Monday and sent important messages to children. Through announcements and stories on the UNICEF Bosnia and Herzegovina profile and through their profiles, Braco and CeriX invited children to ask them and UNICEF any questions that concern them and concern the rights of children guaranteed by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which marks its 30th anniversary this year.

The kids were quick to respond and asked more than 100 questions about their rights in less than two hours, with Braco and Cerix patiently answering through multiple live videos.

“We are delighted with the excellent response and what is particularly important is that the questions were very good and related to children’s rights. Our audience is children, we are trying to make a positive impact on them, and that is why it means a lot to us to work with UNICEF to complete our work,” said Braco and CeriX after answering questions with the support of UNICEF staff.

Viewers had the opportunity to be awarded signed t-shirts and USB sticks by completing the statement “Every child has a right to…” with the best and most creative answers being awarded.

Visitors to UNICEF Bosnia and Herzegovina Instagram profile were interested in children’s rights in general, the impact of the internet and social media on children, which many were particularly interested in, and a number of questions related to the problem of peer violence and online bullying. Given that a large number of questions were received after the completion of the live, UNICEF Bosnia and Herzegovina will address each of them and publish its answers.

UNICEF Bosnia and Herzegovina through the campaign #SlušajDijete (Listen to the child) through a series of activities celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child by mobilizing support from all sides – from children, schools, institutions to popular and media figures.

(Photo: Almir Panjeta)


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