Possibility of Production of Italian Shoes in Ugljevik

Representatives of the Italian company “Global Proizvodna” from Lipovaca in the FBiH discussed today with the local authorities in Ugljevik and representatives of the Agency for Development of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses the possibility of starting a production line of Italian shoes.

During the meeting they spoke of the possibility of setting up production facilities, as well as the incentives and benefits that Ugljevik could offer to potential investors.

The Director of “Global Proizvodnja” Znineli Andrea said that Ugljevik has a good business environment, and this is why there is an interest in setting up production there.

‘’We visited Ugljevik to see what the incentives are and what there is to offer. For the beginning, we plan to open a small sewing room. We are interested in finding out the capacities of the work force and how the municipality can help us’’, said Andrea after the meeting.

The Director of the Agency for Development of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in Ugljevik Milorad Jovičić, the initiator of the meeting, said that Ugljevik has something to offer foreign investors, especially in regards to the work force.

According to him, around 150-200 employees in Ugljevik are qualified for this type of production, and the community is ready to take all steps necessary in order to ensure an adequate location for the production.

A new meeting is scheduled for seven days, and representatives of the Agency will in that period collect all information that will serve as the basis for this project.

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