Precious Metals discovered, Mega-project for BiH to start?

The company Adriatic Metals, which has a concession for exploration and exploitation of minerals and ores on localities in the Municipality of Vares, published spectacular results of their test boreholes.

The company Adriatic Metals announced that they took samples of ore, which were described as a “cocktail of high-quality minerals”, from the tens of meters of test wells.

At the locality of Rupice was discovered that the samples in one ton of excavated material contains: 4.6 grams of gold, half a kilogram of silver, 0.9 % copper, 7.7 % lead, 10.8 % zinc and 46% barite (basic ore of barium).

One kilometer southeast of the locality of Rupice, on the site that was previously known as Jurasevac, company Adriatic measured the concentration of gold of 3.5 grams per tonne of a sample, with 339 grams of silver per tonne, 12.2 % of lead, 19.4 % of zinc and 7.3 % copper.

Company Adriatic is hoping that these results will indicate the economic profitability of opening mines of some of the minerals found: gold, silver, lead, zinc, barite – or maybe even all of them!

“This is a continuation of mining of the former mine of Energoinvest. According to some information, it is a mega-project for BiH and it would lead to strong economic development of Vares as well,” noted Marosevic.

The residents of Vares are optimistic and they are hoping that their town will be revitalized by this. They told us that BiH and Vares need a miracle, and the announcement of ‘golden fever’ could be that miracle.







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